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Week 2

What we've been up to this week...


It's been another jam packed week for us in Year 3 this week! I can't believe it's already the end of week 2! Where does the time go?!


On Monday we finished our unit on money in maths and in the next lesson, we started our next unit which is statistics. The children have been fabulous with this so far and impressed me with remembering lots about pictograms from Year 2. We also started to look at bar charts. 


We've continued our texts in guided reading. The two guided reading groups are either studying The Hodgeheg or The Proudest Blue. Every other half term, we focus on a novel or book and look at a different section or chapter each week, rather than a new text each week like we do for the rest of the time. This really engages the children and peaks their interest. They are always so excited to read the next part! 


We have started our science topic of plants by planning our investigations. The children are investigating whether or not plants really do need various things in order to grow. Watch this space for progress and results!! 


Tuesday was the day we celebrated World Book Day (a couple of days early) and this year our school chose to focus our outfits on vocabulary, rather than characters. The children did not disappoint! We had such a huge range of words within our class and we were really challenged when we had to come up with a class performance which included all the words!! The class were fantastic and I was really proud of them. Days like World Book Day are some of the most enjoyable for teachers because we are able to push learning objectives and timetables aside and just enjoy having fun with the children, whilst letting them take the lead with their learning. Thank you to all the grown ups at home for taking time to plan and put together outfits and vocab with your children. 


In PE we focussed on throwing and catching, focussing our skills on a low basket catch (two cupped hands) and a slow under arm one handed throw. 


We have continued our genre of biographies in English and began our research into the person we will write about - Roald Dahl! He led such an interesting life! 


That's all for this week!


Miss S x

Making Bar Charts - Group Work