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Week 2 (Monday 20th June - Friday 24th June)


This week we have been recapping these phase 3 phonemes:



On Thursday in R.E we listened to a story called Jesus Calms the Storm. In the story Jesus gains the disciples trust as the Son of God. He did this by performing a miracle to save his friends during the storm. 

We followed on by discussing, why friends are important, how we feel when we have no friends and why we trust our friends. 

During continuous provision we drew pictures of the things we like to do with our friends. We also made boats like the one Jesus and his disciples sailed in. We enjoyed taking them out to play in the water area.

Year 1's Stories

On Friday we enjoyed visiting Year 1 and looking at some of their writing. It was lovely to listen to some of the stories been read to us 

PE - Grasshoppers

This week we carried on our ball skills unit however we are now using a new scheme of work in school. 

The children loved the game of birds and grasshoppers to start. Three children were chosen to be birds and the rest of the children were grasshoppers. The birds had to fly around the hall trying to catch the grasshoppers. Once caught the grasshoppers had to stand still until freed by another grasshopper touching them on the shoulder. 


After that, everyone was given a ball (a grasshopper). The children were taught about 'the magic moment'.  This is the moment when the ball begins to fall back to the floor after moving upwards. 


Discussions at home:

Could they catch the grasshopper on the 'magic moment?' 


Could they bounce it harder and catch so that the grasshopper jumps higher and still catch it on the 'magic moment?


Could they bounce the ball a little way in front of them so that they have to move to catch the grasshopper?