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Week 2 (Monday 21st June - Friday 25th June)

PE - Multi Skills

This week we focused on different skills in our PE lesson:
* balancing a bean bag on different body parts
* throwing and catching a bean bag sat down / stood up on our own and with a      partner
* rolling a ball towards a target
* throwing and catching a small ball with a partner

Which skill did you find easy or hard?



We finished of our lesson in the hall with a game of 'Not in my back yard'!

The hall was split into 2 and the class was put into two groups. Each group stood in their 'back yard' and started with 8 beanbags. The idea of the game was to try and clear as many beanbags from your back yard by throwing them onto the othe other team's back yard!

It was great fun and each team won a game so it ended in a draw!
We saw some great throwing, dodging and runnin

Not in my back yard