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Week 2 (Monday 28th February - Friday 4th March)

World Book Day



To celebrate World Book Day this year, we came to school dressed up as a word.

We had some great words and used these words to make up stories in groups. 

We had butterfly wings pulled off by villains, Recycle Men visiting the doctors, mythical unicorns saving the day and lots more! 

Here is a link to our class parade:


Here are the words our class dressed up as:

Our Phonics Learning this Week:



This week we learnt two new phonemes, both phonemes have the same grapheme (they look the same) but sound different.


Ash Wednesday Service




On Wednesday we went over to Church for a special Ash Wednesday service with year 1 and year 2.
The children listened to Rev Rebecca tell us about Ash Wednesday being a time when we can say sorry for anything we have done, it is also the first day of lent when Christian’s give something up. Some of the children had crosses on their forehead.

Warm-up - We know it's important to warm ourselves up before each PE lesson and today we moved like different animals. When Miss Bryan shouted an animal we had to move around the spaces as that animal would. Miss Bryan chose a crab (modelled brilliantly by Shay), a giraffe and a frog. Hollie then chose a cockroach to add to our movements! She showed us how a cockroach scuttles around!

Once we were warmed up we got into four teams to play a game. 

Each team had a colour, red, blue, green or yellow and a hoop that matched their colour. They had to go one at a time to collect an object the same colour as their team. 

We played the game twice and the red team won both times!

The Queen's Hat



This week in literacy we have loved doing some copycat reading of 'The Queen's Hat'. We really impressed Miss Bryan when we tried to say the sentences exactly like her.


We have started to learn telling the story using a story map. We are getting very good at this!