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Week 2 w/c 2/3/20

Supertato Story Map


This week we started to learn the story of Supertato using a story map that Miss Bryan has drawn.

We listen to each sentence and then look at each word or picture and decide on which actions we could use. It has been great fun and the children have really enjoyed it and even performed a bit in Worship on Friday morning!


Can you tell the story using the story map?


Supertato Story Map - w/c 2.3.20

World Book Day 


On Wednesday we celebrated World Book Day a day early and had great fun.


Each class focused on a different book chosen by the teachers in class.


Reception Class looked at 'Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell'.



We started the day by making predictions about the story and then reading the story. After that we did lots of arts and crafts related to the story.


Later in the afternoon Miss Gahagan and some of the children decorated a table in the hall with some of the wonderful things we made.

Our Day...


We made snails using clay, huge pasta shells and pipe cleaners.

We used different objects for Norman's shell and tied them to 'Stanley'!
We did some Matisse style artwork and used squares to create a snail picture.
We thought about what we would use as a shell if we were Norman and then wrote about it.
We made bookmarks.
We did some snail pictures on Purple Mash on the screen.
We did some fruit printing.
We had a colouring competition.
And we also tasted doughnuts!
We predicted what the story might be about...
What a busy day!
We never stopped!
Fun Outside - Thursday 5th March
Friday 6th March