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Week 2 (w/c Monday 10th January 2022)

Arctic Animals

This week we have been learning about the Arctic. We have looked at where the arctic is in the world and the animals that live there.


How do Polar Bears keep warm?

This week we did a science experiment to try and find out how polar bears stay warm in the icy conditions that they live in.


Polar bears have a thick layer of fat called blubber. This blubber helps to keep them warm in the icy water.


We discovered that we couldn't hold our hands in the icy water for long. When we put a glove on, we were able to manage a bit longer. 


After that we put a second glove on and blew air through a straw in between the gloves. When this happened the water felt warmer and we able to keep our hands in the icy water. The air that was blown into the glove allowed us to feel like we had that extra layer like a polar bear does. How interesting!