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Week 3

Week 3


So, its week three. Time for the presentations of the Pupil Voice co-ordinators candidates.


At the beginning of the week, the candidates for the pupil voice coordinators, showed how confident they were by standing up in front of the class and with Miss S recording presented their manifestos. On Wednesday, we watched our own class presentations and those from year 2. After watching the presentations, we made a secret ballot box. Each person in the class, including the teachers were given a vote.


In English, we were identifying and predicting events from the evidence we found in a piece of text. Later in the week, we compared the predictions we made with the actual events. On Friday, we started to look at the use of punctuation and how it changes the text, we have been learning about past and present tense too.


In Maths, we were still learning subtraction and addition but this week we were looking at subtracting 2-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers, crossing the 10 and 100 boundaries, whilst using exchanges. It was difficult at first, but with lots of practice and group discussions it became a little easier. Got to keep practising though.


In PE, we have been learning a dance. We had to invent our own piece to do in the middle of the class dance. We have had great fun, but it tired us all out!


Computing has been fun and we have learning about graphing.


Science has been all about nutrients and how they help our bodies. We have also looked at how different animals need different nutrients. Our outdoor learning was all about learning which nutrients helps with different areas of our development.



Hope you have a great weekend.

See you Monday!!!