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Week 3

We have started writing our own 'Man on the Moon' stories this week and the children have done extremely well and incorporated lots of their prior learning such as using apostrophies in contractions, using commas in a list and re-reading their work to check it all makes sense!

We finished our money unit in maths and the children practiced giving change when their partner bought items from their 'shop'.

In RE the children presented their own news reports on how Jesus healed the blind man Bartimaeus. 

We had a 'rocking' time listening to and responding to songs in our music lesson and can't wait to perform for you in our class worship on Tuesday 1st February!

The children have been working on being respectful, being organised and working as a team.  They have done amazingly, with plenty of children putting their names on the SKAT board this week.  Well done everyone!