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Week 3

This week has been extra fun and snowy at St. James! The children have loved playing out and enjoying the weather whilst also being excellent role models to the rest of the school, showing them how to behave appropriately in the snow. Well done Year 6!


This week, we have finished our Science topic: The Circulatory System by exploring which different lifestyle factors affect how healthy your heart is. Did you know that your diet, activity levels and smoking can affect your heart health? We wrote some super explanation texts about how to keep your heart healthy. We also finished writing our own version of A Little Princess, and typed them up on Purple Mash. We are looking forward to reading these to Year 3 on Friday morning! This meant that we could begin looking at a new text in our English lessons: The Hero Twins! This links to our new topic this half term - The Ancient Maya. We are exploring traditional Maya legends and explanation stories for the rest of this half term and will be working towards writing our own explanation stories. In preparation for our new topic, we explored some new vocabulary linked to the Maya civilisation. We can now explain what an ocelot, avocado and stelae are! 

Year 6 loved sharing their stories with Year 3 🌟