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Week 3

What we've been up to this week...


This week we have been working hard. The weeks are flying by! 


In English we have continued with our Iron Man unit of writing. We have read chapter two and explored how the author combines character and setting in the opening paragraph. We also found evidence in the text to back up points about the characters and events. Our grammar focus was to look at abstract and concrete nouns. 


In maths we have been continuing working on fractions. We have looked at tenths and counting in tenths. We were also introduced to decimals for the first time, seeing how tenths are written as decimals. 


In history we created a drawn reconstruction of both the ramparts and plateau of an Iron Age hillfort, to show what we think it may have looked like in the Iron Age. We also looked at photos of a reconstructed roundhouse, and discussed what we think the items we could see were used for in the Iron Age.


One group of children made their photo frames with Mr Hudson, using diagonal struts to strengthen the frame. 


We started our science topic of forces and magnets with a pre teach vocab session. This is where we are exposed to the topic vocabulary and their definitions before we use them in our lessons. 


A few of our children did some cooking and made a delicious pesto pasta salad!

Design and Technology Making Frames


Cooking Pesto Pasta Salad