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Week 4

Class of the Week    laugh

This week, Year 1 have won Class of the Week.

As a treat Mrs Blackburn let us have some special time playing with fidget toys whilst munching on Jammy Dodgers.   cheeky


Science Day

On Tuesday 15th March we celebrated whole school 'Science Day'. We had to complete the marshmallow and spagetti tower building challenge; we researched a famous scientist and created fact files.

The scientist Year 1 researched was 'Charles Macintosh'. He invented waterproofing for clothing and used this to make the famous macintosh, which were first used by the army.

The information we gathered was used to create fact files which we then presented to the rest of the school.

What a great, fun packed day!!


This week we completed our versions of the 'Three little Pig' stories and created presentations for a display which will be available for parents to see soon, we hope.


In Maths this week we have been learning about weight and mass. Using balance scales we have been weighing different items, such as fruit and shoes and calculated their weight/mass using cubes.

We weighed each others shoes and found that Lily's were the heaviest and Lottie's were the lightest.