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Week 4

What we've been up to this week...


We have enjoyed another busy week in class this week. 


In English, the children finished their shared write of Roald Dahl's biography. They then interviewed me to gather research about my life and completed a biography about me. They were very excited about this! Finally a chance to ask all those nosy questions! They did a fabulous job. 


Tuesday was a super exciting day as it was British Science Day. The class completed a challenge where they had to make the tallest tower possible in groups out of spaghetti and marshmallows. We then measured them and recorded our results. We watched a video about being in a dip (a difficult patch/struggle) and how to encourage each other to get out of it. They then repeated the challenge with lots of encouragement. We recorded our results again and created bar charts to represent the measurements of the two attempts. We also did some research into a scientist called Jane Goodall. The children were intrigued to find out about a different type of scientist to the stereotypical white coat and laboratory. In the afternoon, each class set up a table to share their research about their scientist and then we all went into the hall at set times to look at them. It was such a lovely day and the children got so much from it. 


In maths we have still been looking at length. We have focussed on equivalent lengths, converting between cm and m and cm and mm. We also compared lengths and added them. 


In RE we have been continuing exploring the question 'Is the Cross a Symbol of Sadness or Joy?' We looked at the bible story of Jesus in the Temple and discussed the angry reaction of Jesus. We discussed whether or not Jesus was right to react in the way he did and we also created some headlines for Jerusalem newspapers that day. 


In PE the children focussed on high basket catches and one handed over arm throws. We plays lots of games to practise these skills and included some competitive elements and tactics. 


Enjoy your weekend!

PE - One handed over arm throws and high basket catches

Handwriting Practice

Maths 2D - Introduction to 2D Shapes

English Biography Research

Science Day - Spaghetti and Marshmallow Challenge