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Week 4


We are continuing our work on 'Instructions' and have been looking at the features and how they are constructed. We have looked at recipes and craft instructions, noting differences and similarities.

We used our knowledge to create some instructions for making 'Rice Krispie Cakes'. We then followed these instructions to make the cake but we needed to edit our instructions as we made the cakes, as we noticed some important information was missing.

Maybe you could make them together at home. laugh

We then had to create some instructions for helping someone to make a fruit alien. First, as a class we thought of 'What you needed'. Next we made our fruit aliens to help us create the 'What you need to do' part of the instructions. Once our aliens were finished we completed our instructions.


This week we were looking at categorising plants. We collected some leaves; flowers; fruits; twigs; bark; etc, to use in our categorising task. We discussed with our partners how we would describe the items we had each collected. 

As a class group we then looked at some specific headings and decided how the items could be categorised.

We then used some of the leaves collected to create some printing artwork.


In R.E. we have been looking at the different stories Jesus told and what the  stories are trying to teach us.

This week we were looking at 'The Calming of the Storm'. We then created some artwork to show our understanding.

This story teaches us to trust, if we are scared we need to stay calm and it will get better.

Sports Day

We have been preparing for our Sports Day on Monday, weather permitting. We have had great playing the different sports and trying to improve our skills ready for the big day.

Please come along and cheer us on!!