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Week 4

What we've been up to this week...


This week we have had another busy week in school. 


On Wednesday was our showcase afternoon, where families were invited to come into school to look through their child's books. Thanks to those who were able to attend. It was really lovely to see the children talk about their learning and they were really proud of them selves. 


Friday was another exciting day, as we had a visit from Jamie Hull - scooter rider. The excitement levels were through the roof as the children watched him do his tricks and share his journey and passion for the sport. They were especially giddy when he jumped over different teachers on the floor on his scooter! I escaped that one but poor Mrs Redding wasn't so lucky! After the assembly, the children took part in circuit training with him, where they completed short bursts of exercises at different stations. They kept going even though they were exhausted and there were lots of rosy red cheeks and sweaty faces! 


In class we have continued our work on the book The Tin Forest. We analyzed the features of folk tales and then chunked the plot to create our own story plan. We created our own elderly characters, setting and animal to use when we write our own story. 


In maths we began looking at mass. We compared weights of objects using balancing scales and then moved onto looking at measurement scales. 


We loved our Spanish lesson again this week. The children are becoming quite the linguists! 


In computing we edited a branching database to classify different vegetables. 


Outdoor Learning Guided Reading Vocab Hunt

Circuit Training with Jamie Hull

Showcase of Learning