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Week 4 - Tuesday 4th May - Friday7th May

Our caterpillars have arrived! 

We are very excited to observe them and watch them change over the next few weeks.

The Shopping List Game

On Friday afternoon we played a game that we haven't played for a while. Starting with Mason we went round the circle and each child chose something that they bought at the shop but they had to recap what all the children before them a had bought. At the end we had to remember what everyone had bought. The children were really good at remembering what their friends had said!

Good listening Reception class!


Mason: one chicken wing

Lily: ice cream

Alicia: an apple

Lottie: milk

Eska: a Frozen doll

Ameya: a mermaid

Miss Bryan: some pizza

Oscar: a star

Christy: an Elsa dress

Sophie: Numberblocks

Alaya: sausages

Emilia: carrots

Kian: a flying motorbike

Tyler: cars

Theo: all the boys toys


Each time we started with 'I went to the shop and I bought...'

Worship Song of the Week - Hope in My Heart

Celebration Worship - Friday 7th May 2021

Find out who our stars of the week are and join us to celebrate all the wonderful things about St James' this week.