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Week 5

Week 5 


This week we have read a little bit more of The Stone Age Boy. The children are enjoying it and can't wait to hear the ending!! We made predictions this week about what the ending might be. We have also been practising our cursive (joined up) handwriting. The children have been brilliant with this and I've been super impressed. 


We have continued our place value learning in maths, this time using the place value columns to compare and order numbers. 


Our other learning has included online safety, exploring the layers of the Earth and having a go in our new outdoor learning area! The children loved it. 


I just wanted to mention PE as I have had a couple of conversations with staff and parents this week about PE and the weather. Each week, Y3 have a PE session and two outdoor learning sessions. Due to covid, this is strictly timetabled and all sessions are outdoors. Because the children are restricted to the classroom more at the moment, I try to make sure we use our PE session as much as I can, even in the rain.


On Wednesday, it was raining when we did PE and we did all get wet. The reason I continued the lesson was because it wasn’t cold outside, and the session was last lesson. I knew the children would be heading straight home and would be able to change straight away. If you were concerned that your child came home wet then I would like to apologise. The comfort and wellbeing of your children is really important to me, so I want to make clear that I would never allow your children to get so wet in a lesson outside, knowing that they would have to sit in wet clothes all day.


If ever the weather is really bad, it is likely we would swap to an outdoor session instead of PE, so that the children could wear waterproofs and wellies. If you haven’t already, could I ask that you please send a waterproof jacket and wellies to leave in school for our outdoor learning sessions, so that we can continue with these, even as the weather turns?


Thank you for your continued support in these crazy times and for embracing the changes we have to make to routines and procedures.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me, either through the office or via Purple Mash 2email if you have any questions or worries about anything.


Have a lovely weekend.


Miss S x