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Week 5

Week 5


Our daily zoom meetings have been a brilliant experience. The children’s attitude to home learning has been astounding.


One highlight from the zoom meetings had to be: whilst in the middle of the maths, one pupil put their hand up to speak. Thinking it would be a question to do with what we were learning, we give him the microphone. No, bless him he screeched "It's snowing!" 

Well, to watch the whole zoom meeting attendees disappear from their screens was something you had to witness!


All work had been set on purple mash, the learning platform we all use at school.


In English we have continued our learning about fables. One of the tasks set on purple mash had been to research other fables and to make a poster to show them and the moral of their stories. Another task was to chunk the plot of the Tortoise and Hare.


In Maths, we looked at multiplication and arrays this week. All the work had been put onto Purple Mash and the children have been given time on zoom to speak with Miss S. There was also a video link that went with each workbook.


In Science, we were learning about the functions of mighty muscles.


In PSHE, we explored why we think we are fantastic.


We discussed in RE, the need to be present, and is God present with us all the time? Miss S found a story about a church in Strasbourg, during World War II, being bombed and the only thing standing when people went back was a sculpture of Jesus with his arms outstretched. His hands had been broken off, but that was the only damage. A sculptor offered to carve new hands, but the church leaders refused. We asked the children if they would have agreed to have the hands re-sculptured and replaced. Their work was to draw their idea of how the sculpture looked.


The teachers are proud of the effort from the pupils this week.


Freedom guys - see you Monday!!


Have a good weekend.