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Week 5

This week we have been creating Morse Code circuits in D.T. This links with our history topic on the Battle of Britain. We have been learning why Morse code was so important. We then read Morse code, used Morse code to write our own messages and then we had to listen carefully and try to decipher our own secret messages. It was very difficult. This gave us a great understanding of just how fast they used to read and decipher it in WW2. 

English - science fiction writing

We have been building up to writing our own Science fiction stories, We are planning our own ideas, sharing them with our peers and thinking about how we can improve them. Mrs Tindall says that a good plan means a great piece of writing. We can't wait to get writing and use all of our skills. 

In History we have been looking at more sources to explore what they can show us about the reasons why Britain won the Battle of Britain. We have had some excellent discussions. We have certainly used our history skills!