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Week 5



This week, we have started a unit learning about algebra in maths. Even though the children were a little nervous about starting algebra, they have realised that algebra is actually pretty easy! We have used cubes and counters to help us to write expressions with unknown values and we will soon be algebra experts!



We have built on our learning about adaptation this week by exploring different living things and how they are adapted to their environments. 


We focused on a snowy, icy, Arctic environment and learned about the different types of adaptations that allow living things to survive there (such as padded feet to make it easier to walk on the snow and ice, camouflage to protect against predators and layers of fat beneath the skin to insulate body heat). The children designed their own species and explained how it was adapted to the harsh Arctic environment. 



This week, we explored how worship songs reflect Christian beliefs about God. The children analysed a worship song and some of them even had a go at writing their own lyrics!