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Week 5

It's been another busy and happy week at St. James'! 


In Maths, we have been learning about algebra. This has been challenging but the children have worked so hard and shown lots of perseverance. We used cubes to represent unknown numbers (represented by letters in our books) and counters to represent the numbers. Working in partners, the children came up with their own equations for their partners to solve.


In English, we have looked at biographies and thought about what Macbeth's biography would include. We all agree that he would be remembered as one of the worst Kings Scotland has ever had! He is notoriously bad! 


On Wednesday, we loved storytelling day! The children came up with their own stories based on the image we were given and then we worked together to create a whole class story. We created a short drama based on our story which was extremely emotional and pulled on everyone's heart strings! Check out our photos!


We've also been working hard in Geography. We have been learning all about human and physical features of geography and comparing our local area to Death Valley in California. The children have done some fantastic research and taught Mrs Bibby a lot about Death Valley!