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Week 5 (w/c 16.5.22)

Blackpool Zoo Trip - Tuesday 17th May

On Tuesday we went on a school trip to Blackpool Zoo with year 1 and year 5.



While we were there, we wandered round and looked at lots of different animals. We watched the sea lion show, had our lunch overlooking camels and we had fun on the park.

The children were very well behaved and they were a pleasure to take. Thank you to Miss Radley and Mrs Wilton for joining us on our special day.

Our Caterpillars



In science we are learning to answer the question 'How does a caterpillar grow?'

This week we have seen our caterpillars change as they have chrysalised. This is the stage of their development where they protect themselves in a cocoon. We have had to make sure we don't touch the pot this week as the chrysalis' could fall from the roof of the pot that they attached themselves to.

On Friday (three days after the last chrysalis had formed) Miss Bryan and Mr Hudson carefully moved them over to their new habitat. We can clearly see them hanging from the lid that is now tilted. When they did this, the chrysalis' started to shake (they do this as a defence mechanism when they feel a threat). They soon settled down!

The little caterpillar is growing so we have made it a new lid as it continues to get the food it needs and grow in the pot. Unfortunately this little one had knocked one of the chrysalis from the roof of the cup. Miss Bryan followed the instructions carefully and transferred it to the bottom of the habitat onto a paper towel using a spoon. It is close to the edge so that when it emerges it can fly to the side netting.

Fingers crossed the butterflies emerge before the school holidays!