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Week 6

What we've been up to this week...


We've had a lovely last week of half term. 


A large part of our excitement this week was the jubilee! We spent some time researching our given decade of the queen's reign (the eighties) and on Wednesday, created a presentation table in the hall to share with the rest of the school. A small number of children were selected to be in charge of presenting our research as the rest of the school came into the hall one class at a time to see all the different decades on the different tables. It was a really lovely way of showcasing our learning at the children presenting did a fabulous job. Poor Riley repeated his story about the Queen's intruder so much that he had to go and get a cup of water and sit down! The Mayor of Blackburn came in to see the research done by the school and our class also loved looking at all the wonderful work produced by the different classes.


We also enjoyed a picnic in class and some games outside. Thank you to all the grown ups who came in to share lunch with the children. It was a squeeze in class but it was so lovely to have you all. 


In maths we continued looking at time, recapping, o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to on an analogue clock. We also learned about months and years and explored the hours in a day. Ask your child to show you the knuckle trick to remember how many days are in each month. Thanks to Muhammed - Yusuf for sharing this with us!


We have been looking at playscripts in English. We acted out some playscripts and analysed their features, 


In History we finished our Iron Age learning with a lesson about Boudica and a quiz!