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Week 6

R.E and History

As part of our R.E lessons we have been looking at the features of churches. In our History lessons we have been looking at the local area around our school.

As part of these lessons we made a trip to the St. James' Church graveyard. Whilst there we looked at the features that made it a good church site, as the original church was in the graveyard.

We did some rubbings of some of the grave stones and looked at how many people were buried in some of the graves. 

We looked at some of the designs of the grave stones and monuments, we discussed how the people buried in the significant graves would have had lots of money.


This week we completed our unit on 'Performance Poetry'. We created robots as visual aids in the performance. We had the pleasure of performing the poem 'My Robot's Misbehaving' to the staff and children from Year 2.


We concluded our topic about plants, by answering the questions we came up with at the beginning. 

Today ends our year in Year One.

Today has been a fun packed day, after the leavers service this morning to say goodbye to our Year 6's and the staff that are moving to pastures new, we did some relaxation activities ready for our busy afternoon.

This afternoon we joined Reception and Year 2 for a beach party including chips and ice lollies.

We returned to class to calm down with a film, ready for the end of the day.


We wish you all a happy and safe summer.

from Mrs Clitheroe and Mrs Pratley