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Week 7

This week’s SKAT board! Have you been spotted showing a SKAT? 🌟

This week’s SKAT board! Have you been spotted showing a SKAT? 🌟 1

Maths Puzzles 


Every Friday, in year 6, we have a go at different maths puzzles and problems! The children love trying to solve the puzzles and are desperate to find the answers! Today, we had to find the missing coins to make different totals. Everyone showed lots of perseverance and determination! Well done to everyone! 🤓

Science - The Circulatory System


Today, we investigated what happens to your heart rate when you do a headstand. The children completed the investigations they planned last week and recorded their results. In our next Science lesson, we will analyse the results to inform our conclusions and discussed what we have discovered.

Writing for Suspense 


In English, we watched the next part of the film: A Little Princess. In this part of the story, Sara is chased out of the attic and crawls dangerously across a plank to her neighbour’s roof to escape capture by the police. The children were on the edge of their seats! After this, the children re-created the scene outside and we discussed Sara’s emotions in the scene. Then we explored other examples of writing to create suspense in How To Train Your Dragon, Stormbreaker and The Subtle Knife to create a toolkit for writing for suspense. I can’t wait for the children to write their own version of this story! I’ll be sure to add some fantastic examples of their writing next week.