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Week 7

Week 7 


It's been another fab week in Year 3 this week! The children started their week with some outdoor learning, which they LOVED. They became Stone Age Hunter Gatherers and searched the playground for food. There were small laminated plant tokens available to collect in groups when the children successfully 'foraged' the food. The groups had to decide together which 'food' they wanted to gather and which to leave behind, as some food was poisonous! The children also had opportunity to 'hunt' a Stone Age Animal, which would feed their village for months! To do this, the children had to throw a big rock (ball!) at the animal to kill it. They had a really great time and afterwards the children were told what the different plants and berries were, which they had foraged, and whether or not they should be eaten. The class were shocked to discover that nettles can be made into soup or tea! We talked about the dangers of foraging and how we should never pick and eat plants or berries which we don't know are 100% safe. 


The children have been using numbers bonds this week to mentally add and subtract 1 digit numbers to 2 and 3 digit numbers. We struggled with this as it was a new thing to get our heads round after being used to counting on. We talked about either method being fine as long as we are confident and how we can try to use the quickest way.


In English, we have been writing our own endings of the Stone Age Boy, focusing on using different conjunctions to join clauses together. We also did a spelling test on Friday, where we tested our Year 1 words. The children tried really hard and I could tell they had been practising at home. 


In PE we moved our skills onto jumping as far as we could, rather than as high as we could, like last week. The class used cones to compare their distances and discussed useful techniques. At the end of the lesson, we had a class championship to see who could jump the furthest. Well done to our top 4 champions - Amelia, Jakub, Leon and Miley. We had to do a rematch for the top 4 as it was so close! 


In RE, the children learnt about the Jewish Sukkot festival, and made their own Sukkah outside. It was hard work but the children worked really well together! 


Thanks for a fantastic week Year 3! One more week left of term and then we can all have a well earned rest. I am LOVING our time together and I'm so excited for the rest of the year together. 


Miss S x