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Week Commencing Monday 22nd June

Friday 26th June

Friday Worship 26.06.20

Join Mr Mason to celebrate all the wonderful things about our school this week.

Johnny Appleseed // #OffTheShelf // Collective Worship for Schools

Here we go, another #OffTheShelf video! In this episode, Lisa tells us about the value of love.

Fischy end-of-term Assembly

One final Fischy Assembly for the end of term. As we all finish for the holidays at different times we're uploading it for you to watch whenever you finish.

Celebrity Supply Teacher - Ed Balls - History

Thursday 25th June

Gideon // #OffTheShelf // Collective Worship for Schools

Carole is back with us for #OffTheShelf today. What does a slinky and the story of Gideon have in common? Today, we find out!

Celebrity Supply Teacher - Isabel Clifton - Drama

Wednesday 24th June

Celebrity Supply Teacher - Mark Labbett - Maths

Tuesday 23rd June

Kindness // #OffTheShelf // Collective Worship for Schools

Lisa is back with another #OffTheShelf video. This time, we learn about Elizabeth Fry.

Celebrity Supply Teacher - Katie Piper - Wellbeing

Monday 22nd June

Fischy Music Assembly (week 14)

Tune in to get singing and moving with Fischy Music. Come ready for sports day...Fischy style!

Watch We Won't Stop Singing on

22nd June 2020
Filmed in beautiful Dalkeith Country Park

Note: We recorded this assembly together live in advance (because after 14 weeks that's how we roll!)

Celebrity Supply Teacher - Darcey Bussell - Dance