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Week Commencing Monday 6th July

Celebration Worship with Mr Theobalds - Friday 10th July

Mr Theobalds is back for Friday morning Worship. Who are the stars of the week this week? Let's celebrate all the amazing things about St James'.

Starfish // #OffTheShelf // Collective Worship for Schools - Friday 10th July

It's Friday and Lisa is back with another #OffTheShelf video for us. What will we talk about today?

Creation // #OffTheShelf // Collective Worship for Schools - Wednesday 8th July

Carole is back for #OffTheShelf today and she shows us some really great pictures. I wonder what we will talk about today?

Waiting // #OffTheShelf // Collective Worship for Schools - Monday 6th July

We start the week with another #OffTheShelf video, what will Lisa be talking to us about today?