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I would like to welcome you to St. James’ Church of England Primary School, Lower Darwen.


We are extremely proud of our ‘outstanding church school’ (SIAMS -Church School Inspection-2017) and the relationships we have established with families and individuals within our community.


Our aim is for all learners to fulfil their spiritual, mental and physical potential. For us, success is that every child will achieve  the best they possibly can in all areas – not just academic. We want all of our children to know who Jesus is and to know that they are loved and valued.


We are delighted with the findings of our most recent Ofsted inspection (Sept 19) and the most recent data relating to attainment and progress.  You can find this in the ‘School Information’ area of our website.  We offer high quality extra-curricular experiences for our children and our school priorities for improvement in the coming years are linked to enhancing our curriculum and the wider experiences on offer to the children and their families.


A comment from our most recent Ofsted inspection;


"St James’ Church of England Primary School is a happy and friendly place. Pupils are enthusiastic to learn. Teachers have high expectations of pupils. Pupils respond well when their teachers challenge them to achieve their best. Staff, pupils and parents get on well together because they respect and value each other"


This website contains information for parents and carers of our children and for those who are considering bringing their children to St James’. You are very welcome to arrange a visit to our school – just telephone or call to make an appointment.


We look forward to your child joining our family.


Kindest regards,

Dan Theobalds


Our school currently has seven classes:


Three Infant classes (Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1)

Four Junior classes  (Key Stage 2)


In all Key Stages, children are taught daily sessions of Maths and English, where levels of work are tailored to ability. We follow the National Literacy Framework and the National Numeracy Framework throughout the school. Additionally, all children have a daily phonics or shared reading and writing session, depending on ability levels. A broad, balanced curriculum is planned and taught in accordance with the National Curriculum requirements. All policies and schemes of work are available for parents to see.


Independent and collaborative skills are encouraged from the earliest years. Children are taught as a whole class, in ability groups and on an individual basis. High achieving children receive enrichment activities to extend their learning. Children who need extra support receive help from our Special Needs Co-ordinator, support staff and visiting specialists where appropriate.


We have adopted a creative approach to teach other areas of the curriculum. This has led to more exciting topics being covered, and an increase in the enthusiasm and enjoyment being experienced by pupils.

Keeping our Children safe


Please do not drive into the school entrance or in front of the school gates when bringing or collecting children. This entrance needs to be left clear for emergency vehicles.  If parking on Stopes Brow, please show courtesy to the residents when parking. 


Dogs should never be brought onto the school grounds, including the field.

Children will not be released during the school day unless they are collected by parents or an adult approved by yourself.


Keep your child at home if they are unwell. In exceptional circumstances we will administer medicines, once a permission form has been filled in by a parent and submitted to the office. Please encourage your GP to prescribe with a view to administering these at home.


Children are not allowed to wear jewellery. If your child does have to wear plain studs just after their ears have been pierced, they will need to be covered by plasters at school for P.E. lessons.

Keeping parents Informed


A newsletter is e-mailed to all parents/carers each week with important information on, reminders of dates, good news and so on. The current weeks newsletter and previous editions are available under 'Newsletters'.


Parents evenings are held twice a year, in the Autumn and Spring terms. Both the Autumn term and Spring meetings operate on an appointment basis. It is an opportunity for parents to come into school, see their child’s work and meet the teacher.  If you are unable to attend on these evenings please call into the school and arrange an alternative time with your childs’ class teacher.


Staff are always willing to see parents. Please arrange this with the class teacher at a mutually convenient time.


If you have any worries about your child in school please see the class teacher first. We understand your concerns and are happy to listen. We want the children who attend our school to be happy and we can best achieve this through co-operation between parents/carers and school. If you cannot satisfactorily solve the problem after seeing the class teacher, then please see the Headteacher.


In the unlikely event you still feel we haven’t addressed the issues you have raised, then you can make a formal complaint to the Chair of Governors.


School Clubs


We try to provide a range of after school activities for children. We currently have an after school choir, film club, art club, drama club and sewing club,   Our after school sports activities include; Football, Netball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Athletics and Rounders.


Our after school provision has been recognised as a strength by previous Ofsted Inspections.