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What have we enjoyed this week?

Autumn 2 - Week 3

Monday 12th November - Friday 16th November


Some action shots of our golden 15 minutes on Monday.


This week in English we are reading fables. We discussed the features of fables and talked about what a moral is. 

We are reading fables taken from Michael Rosen’s Aesop’s Fables book. We focussed on punctuation when reading and Miss Bryan thinks that we did a great job!


Monday - we read the fable ‘Mosquito, Lion and Spider’

We read part of the fable and made predictions about what we thought might happen at the end of the fable.


The moral of this fable was: Just because you outsmart someone stronger than you doesn’t mean that someone else won’t outsmart you.

12.11.18 - Today we had a special treat in Year 3. Benjamin wrote a song at home about soldiers fighting in the war and how we remember them. He sang the song beautifully and he received a massive round of applause.


He even sang again later for Mrs Tindall and Mrs Readshaw. They were very impressed, watch this space XFactor!

Autumn 2 - Week 2

Monday 5th November - Friday 9th November

This week we have been learning about REMEMBRANCE and WW1, most lessons have been focussed around this topic.

* Making Lego TrenchesCayden said it was really fun making the trenches from lego. He enjoyed thinking about what should go in his trench.


The children planned, built and then presented their trenches in groups.


* Researching WW1 on the IpadsBenjamin enjoyed finding out facts about WW1 and thinking what it would have been like to be a soldier 100 years ago.



* Graveyard WalkJaxson's favourite part of the week was when we went over to the church yard to look at war graves.

We found the grave belonging to Year 3's soldier Edward Hargreaves. We learnt that he wasn't buried in a war grave - he was in a family grave. He was buried in the church yard in 1916 after dying from a disease in dover. His mother, father and lastly brother are also buried in the grave.

We also stood where the old church used to be and we later looked at pictures of the old church.


* Our presentationsOn Friday the children got into their Lego groups and were asked to create a presentation of all the different things we have learnt this week. Two groups presented to the rest of the class on Friday afternoon and the remaining four groups will present theirs on Monday.

The children put a lot of thought and effort into their presentation and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Alfie said that his favourite part of the week was making the presentation in his group. He drew some poppies and trenches.




Monday 29th October 2018

We have had a great start to the new half term today! The children have had a great attitude and have got stuck into their learning. Well done everyone.

* Ava - English -  Ava enjoyed learning about shape poems this morning. She wrote two fabulous calligrams in the shape of a teddy and a leaf.


* Elisha - trying her best - Elisha's favourite part of the day was in our English lesson when she blew us away with her handwriting and her positive attitude. She told us that she enjoyed trying to do her best handwriting.


* Jayden - French - Year 3 enjoyed their first french lesson with Miss England today. Jayden said that he enjoys learning French so that he can tell his parents what he has learnt.


* Cayden - Maths - Cayden enjoyed estimating and measuring length. he blew Mrs Dewhurst away with his measuring skills!


Wednesday 17th October 2018

* Macie - Drama - Macie enjoyed playing games, acting and speaking.


* Olivia B - cooking - Olivia enjoyed cooking in church. They made chocolate apples and pizza! Sounds yummy to me!


* Ayobami - Science - Ayobami enjoyed making ice cream during a science experiment and loved licking the bowl clean.


* Cayden - Jesus and Me - Cayden enjoyed being still and quiet! Maybe he could practise at home Mum!!


* Stas - Coding - Stas enjoyed coding a Flappy Birds game.


* Benjamin - English - Benjamin enjoyed writing a biography about a fictional character called Jim. 


* Janey - SODA (Start of Day Activity) - Janey enjoyed handwriting this morning as she feels it teaches you to make your handwriting better.

Tuesday 16th October 2018

* Janey - Internet Legends - Janey enjoyed the internet safety assemble delivered by Google Internet Legends. She explained that it taught her more and that she now knows to look for the green padlock to check that internet sites are safe.


* The Golden 15 Minutes - Well done to Olivia W for achieving her half marathon today. Also well done to Olivia B and Aiden for getting their full marathon today! Wow what an achievement! The children will recieve their wristbands in Thursday morning's celebration worship.


* Shane - English - Shane told us that he enjoyed writing the rest of his biography today. He is enjoying our English lessons because of the improvement he is making with his handwriting. We are super proud of him!

Thursday 11th October 2018

* Joshua - The Golden 15 Minutes - Getting his 28th mile today and he's looking forward to getting his full marathon wristband in Worship on Friday.


* Olivia W - Geography - Finding physical and human features in our locality.


* Olivia C - Maths - Adding and taking away hundreds to/from a 3-digit number.


* Scarlett - Sunshine Club - Making cards with Georgia, Freya and James.


* Owen - Timestables Rockstars - Owen thinks he is improving by the minute! We had 3 minutes to see how many questions we could get right. Owen was a support act and is aiming to be a rock star!!


Wednesday 10th October 2018

* Lucas - Tea at 3 - Lucas enjoyed seeing Mr T and told us that he loves Mr T because he is happy.


* Mia - The Golden 15 Minutes - Mia enjoyed running with Alfie and managed 12 laps of our playground.


* Cayden - Everything - Cayden said that today has been fun and he especially enjoyed being a denfender in our PE games lesson.


* Ava - Christmas Pictures - Ava enjoyed making her Christmas artwork for the PTFA. She said it was fun getting ready for Christmas and knowing it's coming soon!