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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mr D. Theobalds
Picture 2 Mrs R. Uttley
Picture 3 Mrs V. Brown
Picture 4 Mrs L. Malik
Picture 5 Mrs B. Cuffe
Picture 6 Mrs J. Blackburn
Picture 7 Miss L. Bryan
Picture 8 Mrs M. Tindall
Picture 9 Miss B. Scholfield
Picture 10 Mr Jamie Mason
Picture 11 Mrs A. Bibby
Picture 12 Mrs J. Warwick
Picture 13 Mrs J. Stewart
Picture 14 Mrs L. Jacques
Picture 15 Mrs J. Wilton
Picture 16 Miss J. Gahagan
Picture 17 Mrs T. Readshaw
Picture 18 Miss R. Huggill
Picture 19 Mrs D. Hudson
Picture 20 Miss G. Williams
Picture 21 Miss S. Hall
Picture 22 Mrs R. Rothwell
Picture 23 Mrs D. Connell
Picture 24 Miss G. Kelly
Picture 25 Mr A. Hudson
Picture 26 Mrs M. Mansell
Picture 27 Miss D. Brown
Picture 28 Miss T. Johnston
Picture 29 Mrs Duckworth
Picture 30 Miss S. Hill
Picture 31 Mrs J. Crawford
Picture 32 Mrs S. Riley
Picture 33 Mrs P. Jolley
Picture 34 Miss R. England
Picture 35 Mrs S. Smith
Picture 36 Miss K Lenc
Picture 37 Mrs M Desai
Picture 38 Miss G Dean
Picture 39 Mrs M Pickering
Picture 40 Mrs J Hartley
Picture 41 Mrs K Hargreaves
Picture 42 Miss H Pennington
Class Teacher Areas of Responsibility
Reception Miss L Bryan Class Teacher, Science Coordinator
Year 1 Mrs L Malik Class Teacher.
Year 2

Mrs J Blackburn and

Mrs. R. Cuffe

Class Teacher & Curriculum Coordinator,

English Coordinator

Year 3 Miss H Pennington Class Teacher, Computing Coordinator and Website
Year 4 Mrs M Tindall

Class Teacher & Wider Opportunities Coordinator

Geography/ History Coordinator

Year 5 Mr J Mason Class Teacher
Year 6 Mrs A Bibby Class Teacher, PSHE / Design Technology Coordinator


Miss R England Class Teacher
Mr J Mason Class Teacher
Mrs J Wilton HLTA, PE/RE Coordinator
Miss J Gahagan Nursery Nurse
Mrs A Dewhurst Teaching & Learning Assistant
Miss R Huggill Teaching & Learning Assistant
Mrs D Hudson Teaching & Learning Assistant
Miss S Hall Teaching & Learning Assistant
Miss G Dean Teaching & Learning Assistant
Miss G Williams Teaching & Learning Assistant
Mrs D Connell Teaching & Learning Assistant
Mrs J Hartley Teaching & Learning Assistant
Miss G Kelly Teaching & Learning Assistant
Mrs T Readshaw Teaching & Learning Assistant
Mrs R Rothwell Teaching & Learning Assistant
Mrs M Pickering Teaching & Learning Assistant 
Mrs J Warwick Office Manager
Mrs K Hargreaves Administrative Assistant
Mrs M Desai Administrative Assistant
Mr A Hudson Site Supervisor
Mrs M Mansell Assistant Site Supervisor & Gardening Club Leader
Mrs D. Wild Mid-day Supervisor & Playleader /
Church School Family Support Worker
Mrs S Smith Mid-day Supervisor
Miss K Lenc

Mid-day Supervisor & Cleaner

Mrs D Brown Mid-day Supervisor
Miss T Johnston Mid-day Supervisor
Miss J Duckworth Mid-day Supervisor
Miss S Hill Mid-day Supervisor
Mrs J Crawford Catering Manager
Mrs S Riley Catering Assistant
Mrs P Jolley Catering Assistant