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Can you remember our two school values we have learnt about?

Love and Forgiveness


This week we are thinking about how we can forgive people when they have upset us. This is actually showing love to others. The two values are linked.



Talk to your child about staying calm when someone has hurt or upset you in some way. It's important not to hold grudges or become upset by someone's actions especially if they have apologised. 


Here is a mindful moment to help us stay calm and let our worries float away. 


Explain that it is always good to take some deep breaths instead of getting angry and having a think for a minute. Forgiving is always the best way, even though it can sometimes be hard.

Rainbow Breath - Flow | GoNoodle

Melting - Flow | GoNoodle

Practice melting away that icky frozen feeling you get when you're scared, frustrated, or angry.

Calming Meditation for Kids I Moshi

Listen to our NEW story from the Moshi app. It's a mesmerizing tale of Waldo's magical washing machine, a wondrous contraption that rinses worries clean away.