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Worship in Reception Class

Autumn 1 Worship:

Each week Mr Theobalds asked us to explore a question. We talked about it and watched videos linked to each  of the questions. We had some great discussions and the children really enjoyed learning about God.

Who is God? What is love?
What makes us special? How does God Help Us?
What makes us special? How does God Help Us?
Where does God live?What does God do?
Church. What is it? Who goes to Church?
Where is God?
What is prayer?
Why do we pray? Does everyone pray to God?

Autumn 2 Worship:

Each week Mr Theobalds has chosen a story for us to read and discuss in our class worship. When Miss Bryan reads the story Miss Gahagan records all of the children's thoughts and ideas.

Miss Gahagan is very proud of her Worship scrapbook and so are we!

The Creation Story
Noah's Ark
Samuel hears a voice
David and Goliath
Daniel in the Lion's Den
Joanah and the Whale
Creative Worship with Mr T


On Thursday afternoons Miss Gahagan teaches RE to the children which they love.