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Worship - Thursday 7th January


  • How can we show love at home?
  • How can we show love in our classroom?
  • Can you think of times when somewhen might not be showing love at home or in the classroom such as snatching toys away?


It's important to add that love is not all about cuddling and kissing people we love. We can show the value towards people we don't know by smiling, being kind and helpful or by just being us!

We show love in a different way to different people in our lives.




We have watched one of the Love Monster videos before when we discussed taking turns. In this episode Love Monster decides whether to share a box of chocolates or not.


Watch the video and then have a go at some of the love monster jigsaw puzzles!


(Hands together eyes closed)


Dear God


Thank you for helping us to love each other and be kind to each other. Help us to show love at home and in school,





In school we invite the children to say a prayer if they like. If they have any prayers they wish to share, please let us know.