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Year Five Learning

Hi and welcome to our Year Five Learning Page!


This week Maisy and Millie have written about what has happened and what has been going on in year 5.


Hello, this is our summary of what has been going on in year 5. In maths, we have been learning about place value and how a number changes when you multiply and divide it by 10 and 100. We have also being sharing out our jobs and responsibilities throughout the class and school. We have been doing a good job from the start! 


We have had a theme of trust in our class worship this week. We looked at the story of Abraham and the trust he had in God in an unlikely situation and then we shared who we trusted in our lives. Lots of us shared members of our family, some even confided in their pets. We discussed that trust is important with those close to us and how it can make you feel if it is broken.


On Wednesday, Mrs Brown came into the class in the afternoon and we wrote our manifestos for our Pupil Voice Co-ordinator roles. 


On Thursday morning, when we had Mrs Pearson with us, we rocked out to the 'Livin' on a Prayer' by Bon Jovi in music and then we went to the Life Caravan to learn about friendship groups. Some of us bought the pencils after too but they have now run out unfortunately and we are waiting for some more. 


On Friday, Tyler was chosen as the 'Star of the Week' for his good work and attitude - well done Tyler!!! Also, James and Gabriella got a 'You Made Me Smile' wristband for showing love and compassion to others in the classroom. 

Just a quick reminder that year 5 need to do their talk token and their home readers over the weekend. 


Thank you.

Maisy and Millie.