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At Breakfast Club we like to engage in a variety of activities either in the main area or upstairs in the church building but also weather permitting we utilise the school playground.

In the main room of the church we are able to play party games including:

Musical bumps;

Musical statues; 

Sleeping lions;

Wink, wink, murder;

Duck, duck, goose; to name a few.


We also engage in physical activities including:

Dance and freeze;

Let's dance;

Yoga; for example.

We have prepared for a day of learning by engaging in some stretching and flexing with 'Cosmic Yoga'.

Upstairs we have access to a variety of toys and games including:

Pool table;

Football table; 

Board games;

Construction toys;

Barbies and Happy Valley play sets.


There is also plenty of colouring and craft resources.

Weather permitting we use the school playground for some outdoor activities including:


Ball games;

Parachute Games;

and  good old fashioned games such as;

Hide and seek;


Frisbee; etc.