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Week Two


Star of the Week is...


Our SKATs winner of the week is...


Our reading for pleasure book is...


The children are currently listening to Miss Smith reading this text, they enjoy the quiet time just before lunch. 



This week the class have been describing what they could feel and identify in the feely bags. 


The children then used the same materials to carry out experiments that tested the properties of the materials.


See the pictures here ..

Design Technology


In design technology this week, the children have been investigating the Doodlers that Mrs Hudson and Miss Fitzpatrick made. The children had great delight in exploring how they worked. They were then asked to take them apart and re-assemble, to see if they could make them work again.





PSHE was taken outdoors this week, the class all got involved in learning and playing 'That's mine!' game before discussing different scenarios, and considering what a person's action could be in response to the scenario, what the consequence could be and how they could improve it by negotiating or reaching a compromise.





Our computing session was learning about the SMART rules, how to keep you safe online and then creating a comic strip about one of the rules.