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Week 2 (Monday 19th June - Friday 23rd June)


This half term our theme in Design Technology is Structures and we are focusing on boats. At the end of the half term we will be making our own boats.

Waterproof Materials

On Wednesday we were scientists! Investigating and learning all about waterproof materials. We set up a waterproof material testing station. We made the experiment fair and made sure that all of the materials had been cut to the same size. We recorded our findings and discussed it back on the carpet.



Floating and Sinking

On Thursday we carried on being investigators as we explored floating and sinking materials. We had a tray of items that we tested. We made predictions before testing each item. We had a 'float' sign and a 'sink' sign and placed each item next to the relevant sign after testing. The children showed a really good understanding and made some really good predictions.