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Week Four


Year 3 have conducted their own scientific investigation this week! They set out to discover if people with longer femurs could jump further.The class enjoyed working scientifically and were surprised by some of the results. They also evaluated their  investigation by discussing what had worked well and how they could improve by making certain elements fairer.

Scientific Investigation


This week, Year 3 have been practising their passing skills. So far, they have learnt how to chest pass, bounce pass, shoulder pass and overhead pass. They have been working hard on their accuracy to ensure opponents cannot intercept their pass to a teammate.


Basketball 🏀


During their RE lesson, Year 3 have been reading a variety of nativity storybooks and discussed how the angels told the shepherds about the arrival of Jesus and why they then rushed down from the hills to visit him.They played a role play game called ‘Hot Seat’, in which some members of the class acted as the shepherds and the rest of the class asked them some interesting questions.

Star of the Week!

Ibrahim has won the star award this week for settling into his new class so well. It can be very daunting to start a new school but Ibrahim has contributed in class discussions and tried very hard in each of his lessons. He has grown in confidence each day and is already beginning to make new friends. Well done Ibrahim and welcome to Year 3!