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Week 3

In History this week we have been creating our own oracle bones . These were animal bones which originated from the ancient Shang Dynasty.  The shang kings and priests would ask questions to the gods and these would be carved into the bones or shells using a sharp tool. We have trying to decipher the ancient writing.  



In RE, we have started our new topic about the true meaning of Christmas. We have started by drawing story maps in our groups to detail what we remember about the Christmas story. We then looked at the two different gospels of Luke and Matthew.



We worked together in our Kagan groups to make L-shaped frames for our artwork. These have enabled us to choose the best sections of our line drawings of buildings which we will be translating into an ink print. 

Year 5 Blog - Esther and Benjamin


We started the week with Times Tables, then we went to church and we learnt about Jesus and Peter walking on water. We went back to school and compared fractions, ordered fractions, fractions less than one and more than one in Maths. We also learnt about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and we did a diary entry about Peter. Then, we did the true meaning of Christmas by doing a story map of how Jesus was born. Science was about electrical conductors and insulators. We did acting in PSHE about listening. In French, we learnt the comment ca va (how are you) we replied in French phrases such as bien (good). Also in this week we did P.E. - Tag-Rugby and Gymnastics. We also did Guided Reading (FearZero) a story about Isles getting flooded and only one Isle remaining. That was our amazing week.