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Week 3 (Monday 14th November - Friday 18th November)


On Tuesday we made bread rolls just like the Little Red Hen 🐓 in our Drawing Club Story. 


The children enjoyed following a pictorial recipe. First they weighed the ingredients out and then they kneaded the dough. In the afternoon they rolled the dough into small balls ready for them to bake into bread rolls in the oven.


The children were very excited to take home their bread rolls and we had pictures of Freddie and Lottie enjoying them at home! 😁

PSHE - Odd Socks Day


On Monday we celebrated the fact that we are all different by wearing Odd Socks to school. We talked about how it is important to be kind to others 🥰

We also read the story 'Simon Sock', the message of the story was that it is ok to be different. Simon Sock never thought he would find his perfect pair but in the end he did and he realised that he didn't have to match to have fun.





This week we have continued our phase 2 learning. We have learnt two new sounds - 'c' as in cat and 'k' as in kitten.

The children really blew Miss Bryan away with their writing skills in phonics this week, especially as 'k' is a really hard sound to write. Well done everyone! 👏🏼




This week we have been focusing on circles and triangles and making artwork with the shapes. We looked at some work of an artist called Kandinsky. He painted lots of pictures using circles and triangles. We looked at some of his pictures and even had a go ourselves.