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Trip to Blackburn Art Gallery and Museum

As part of the Arts Award programme. We were invited to attend Blackburn Art Gallery and Museum.


Mrs Lees from the gallery showed us around and gave us a detailed tour of all the artwork that would fit in with our club subject which is the seasons.


We saw some of the art work that is out on show to members of the public, and also art work that is locked away in the archives. 


We looked print art works of the seasons, which were printed by Japanese Artists. Mrs Lees told us that one piece of art called "Under the Great Wave off Kanagawa" is worth just over a million pounds.


We also saw lots of different art forms, sculpture, painting, printing, ceramics the lists is endless. There were a group of art forms that really interested the children and prompted a lot of conversation on the bus back to school.  This art form was taxidermy, the art of preserving animals. We saw deer, badgers and peacocks.


One thing we were told to share with everyone at school, is that going and visiting the museum and art gallery is free. Go and visit, the children want to go back already. You can spend lots of time in there and see lots of exciting things.


The children really loved the added bonus of having a look around the Egyptian Room with the real mummy.