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Week Five

Wow, how are we now finishing week five!!


Y5 have been so busy, have a look and see what the class has been doing this week.


Our Star of the Week is... 



Our SKATs winner this week is...




The children have finished their own version of a legend. Mrs Hudson then collated them all into a wonderful bound book.


It will be available for the rest of the school to read.



In the geography session, the children created wonderful information texts comparing life between a farmer called Melvin and a fair trade farmer called Retina.  



This week the children built their own version of a doodler.


The children were completely engrossed in the lesson and thoroughly enjoyed making their doodler. The class went through so much sticky tape in this lesson!




During the PSHE lesson this week, the children were discussing what would make a good friend. They created a list of the ingredients it takes to be a good friend and then wrote a method on how people can be a good friend.




Guided Reading


On Monday the children were matching words with their definitions. All of the words will be coming up in the chapter of Brightstorm we are reading this week. 




In between the rain showers, the children enjoyed honing their defensive tactics in football.


Despite the weather, it seemed that the children had a great time.


They all displayed really great football skills, but above all there was a fantastic show of sportsmanship.


Well done everyone.




This was the last session of Bikeability for the children. The weather was horrendous, but they all still had bright smiles on their faces.


Well done to everyone for taking part.