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Week 6

Star of the week


Harry has won star of the week this week for all the effort he puts into his work each day. He tries hard in everything that he does and this shows in the amazing work that he produces. Not only is Harry hard working but he is also very polite and kind towards others in class. You are a pleasure to have in our class Harry! Well done and keep it up.

Handwriting award

Asher has won the handwriting award this week. Super progress Asher, well done!

TT Rockstar 

Flora had the most correct answers on TT Rockstar this week. Congratulations!

This week in our DT lessons we have been drawing and manipulating 2D shapes, using computer-aided design, to produce a point of sale badge to accompany our eCharms. 


This week, we have been conducting our own scientific observations to record and describe what we can see change over time, between two plants. One plant had water and the correct temperature but no light and the other had the right temperature and light, but no water. We made predictions and explained our results using scientific language.