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Week 3 (Monday 29th April - Friday 3th May)

Our Mud Kitchen

We have had lots of chefs in action this week as the children have been exploring the mud kitchen. We have also planted some herb plants, the children were very impressed with their handiwork!

Problem solving

We put our problem solving skills to the test this week when we played 'block-a-doodle-doo'. We had to move vehicles out the way to help the chicken get through. It got trickier the more vehicles that appeared, sometimes we had to move certain vehicles before we could move others. The children loved this!


This week our caterpillar's chrysalis' have formed and we are now awaiting the next part of the butterfly life cycle. On Wednesday, we transferred our chrysalis' from their cup to the chrysalis station in the butterfly garden. We looked at the cup that the caterpillars started off in and could see how much they had been eating to grow bigger and store lots of energy for the next part of the cycle.

The children are very excited for the butterflies to emerge and Syd asked a great question, 'How long will it take?'


Miss Bryan showed us a calendar of the month of May and explained that it takes 7-14 days for the butterflies to emerge. The blue circle showed the children the day we were on (1st May) and the butterflies can be expected during the dates with the red circles around.


I wonder if we will have butterflies when we arrive in class on Tuesday? How exciting!