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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice 2020-21


Polling day is Wednesday 27th November. 


The votes are in.... your Pupil Voice Co-ordinators will be announced in Friday Worship on Friday 27th November. 


Well done to everyone who took part in the election and good luck to all of our PVG co-ordinators this year!

Community Group

Our staff member is Mrs Malik.


Our pupil voice co-ordinators are:

Chelsea, Keagan, Riley and Willow.

We have had our first Community Group meeting and agreed our action plan.  We have also shared our mission Statement with the class. Our mission statement is:

The Community Group

Mission Statement


We aim to make the community a better place by helping charities, local families and local businesses.

For our first community project we have asked for donations to be made to Blackburn Hospital instead of gifts being brought into school.

Hopefully we will raise lots of money for the NHS as they are awesome!

Cards for Kindness

The Year 2 Community Group have arranged for the children in their class to make Christmas cards this week.  The cards have  been  sent to residents and staff at local care homes as part of the Cards for Kindness campaign which aims to help spread cheer and ease loneliness in care homes at Christmastime. What a lovely gesture Year 2, I’m sure your cards will be greatly appreciated!


Red Nose Day!

The Community Group organised a Crazy Hair Day in school to raise money for this very worthy charity!  It was a whole school fund raising event and it was lovely to see such an array of colour and fun across school on Friday! Such a fantastic effort from children and staff!

Thank you from the Community Group!

Worship & Culture Group

Our staff member is Miss Scholfield.


Our pupil voice co-ordinators are:

Libby, Kacper, Cade and Esther.


Our mission statement:

“We will help people understand more about God and build their faith by listening to the voices of everyone in school, asking big questions and planning fun, creative and interactive activities.”


During Spring term we will be focusing on making sure everyone understands our school values and finding ways for classes to interact with each other safely during worship. We will also be looking at creating a new school prayer.

Student Observers of Learning (SOLs)

Our staff member is Miss Pennington.


Our pupil voice co-ordinators are:

Charlie, Edith, Lia and Maciee


Our mission statement:

We aim to ensure that all children are learning exactly what they're supposed to be learning and that school is a safe and enjoyable place to be."


Across the year, we are aiming to:


- Help Mrs Uttley/Miss Pennington by completing an English Book Look

- Check whether Voice21 has been successful by speaking to teachers and pupils

- Completing an environment walk to make sure that correct displays are up in classrooms, and that learning environments are tidy and safe

Rights, Respects & Responsibilities Group

Our staff members are Mrs Baron and Mrs Wilton.


Our pupil voice co-ordinators are:

Olivia B, Olivia W, Jaxson and Shane.


Our Mission Statement is:


We aim to create a friendly, caring environment where everyone is treated equally and with respect. Ensuring the rights and responsibilities of St James’ family are always evident and consistent in our daily lives.

Our first focus will be:

To organise a poster competition to promote ‘rights and respect throughout school.


Watch this space for more information.

Eco Group

Our staff member is Mrs Bibby.


Our pupil voice co-ordinators are:

Caiden, Ellis, Oliwia and Millie.


Our mission statement:

The Eco Group believes in helping our school community to take care of the planet, stop pollution and live a more sustainable life. We can make a change!

New signs for the playground

The Eco group wrote a letter to the PTFA to ask if they would help us by buying some new signs for the playground. The PTFA loved the letter and we were so excited when the signs arrived!

Mental Health & Wellbeing Group

Our staff member is Mrs Jacques.


Our pupil voice co-ordinators are:

Freya, Eliesha, Tyler and Charlie.

Wellbeing & Mental Health Group 2020-2021

Our Mission Statement


To do our best to support positive emotional health and wellbeing of every member of the St James’ family



Spring Term 2020


This term our group will be concentrating on the mental health and wellbeing of our pupils. We are planning to roll out a pupil survey to find out what support the children may need.

Pupil Voice 2019 - 2020


Pupil Voice Elections will take place on Wednesday 18th September. 


Votes have now been placed.


Good luck to all the candidates.





Elections - 2019

Student Observers of Learning (SOLS) 


“Everyone helps with everything”


Group members: Rhea (Y6), Freya (Y5), Jaxson (Y4), Phoebe (Y3), Naomi (Y2), Harrison (Y1).

Mrs Uttley is the teacher who helps us.


Autumn Term

We had our first meeting to introduce ourselves and to decide on what our mission statement, or motto, was going to be for this year. We came up with the one above. For most of us in this group, it is the first time we have been elected to be a Pupil Voice Co-ordinator and we are super excited to have been chosen this year! At our meeting we also decided on our action plan for the year. We are going to be doing the following:

  • Helping to interview any new staff who want to come and work at our school
  • Check the displays around school and in the classrooms to make sure they are looking their best, show off our learning and inspire us to learn more.
  • Look through the children's books to see what we're all learning across school



Sports & Extra Curricular Group 


“Sports for all - All for sport.”




Our new pupil voice team have been busy collecting information from their peers regarding clubs and groups they would like to see in school this year.  They will soon be feeding back to Miss Pennington and Mrs Wilton, who will try to put some of their ideas into place.


Phoebe and Ethan have been doing a great job presenting sports reports in our Friday worship.  Cayden and Rafal have been busy taking photos of our sporting superstars and the rest of the team are making sure that our playtime equipment is returned carefully at the end of break times.





In our recent meeting, the children reported back that the playground equipment is still not being used properly and needs monitoring further before they think about ordering any new kit.


The children had also conducted some research into clubs that each class wants to be offered as an extra-curricular activity.  Some suggestions were drawing club, dance, basketball and dodgeball.  Miss Pennington fed this information back to Mrs Wilton (clubs co-ordinator) and she is looking into this for us.  Phoebe is also going to work with Sude to come up with a suitable dance routine for Year 2/3 children and will deliver this as an after school club, supervised by Miss Gahagan. 


We also discussed the visit from former Olympian Daniel Purvis.  If you would like to check our out photos from the event, please click on our PE curriculum page.  The children had spoken to their peers and the feedback from the visit was extremely positive.  They would like other high profile visitors to come into school to inspire them in the future.  They suggested possibly an artist or dancer.  They are going to ask their classes and see what suggestions they can come up with.

The Well-being Group 


''To promote the emotional health and well-being of each and every member of our school.''

The Community Group 

''We want to help people in school, in our community and around the world.''


Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Centre

The Community Group raised £40.20 for the Chorley Hedgehog Rescue Centre.  They baked and sold hedgehog biscuits in school and encouraged children to bring in donations of old towels and dressing gowns which they kindly donated to the charity too.  Well done!

Worship Group 

'' Building strong foundations on our rock - Jesus.''


Autumn 2019


Hello everyone and welcome to the Worship Pupil Voice Section of the website. Thank you for your patience whilst waiting for this section to be updated.


Our group is involved in planning and delivering engaging acts of worship in school. This year so far we have helped with the planning of Worship, delivered Creative Worship and have been involved in leading other worship across the year.


If you have any ideas or feedback about Worship in school please speak to one of us. 



Worship Team - Planning script for Carols Around the Tree Dec 19

Rights, Respects & Responsibilities


''We aim to promote a school environment where everyone has the same rights, responsibilities are shared and everyone is fully respected. We will work hard to make sure that we model these values.''

The Eco Group 

We want to protect the planet from pollution. We want to protect animals from suffering.

We want our school to be clean and green.”


Autumn Term

We met for the first time and created our action plan. We have lots of ideas for what we want to change this year.

Spring Term

We are planning Green Week! This will be the first week back after half term.

We will be doing lots of activities: presenting a launch assembly, raising money for sustainable plates and cutlery by doing a bake sale, do a zero waste packed lunch competition and encourage all classes to do their bit to help the environment. 


Keep a look out for photos and updates!

2018-2019 - Pupil Voice 

Manifesto writing and presentations

The Community Group 


“We aim to make the Community a better place by helping charities, the elderly and local families.” 

Creating the Christmas donations for the homeless

The Community Group working hard on their Helping the Homeless project

Rights, Respect & Responsibilities Group

“We aim to promote a school environment that respects each other FULLY. We will work hard to make sure that EVERYBODY in our school has the same rights.”



Billy L (Y2), Olivia W (Y3), Maisie S (Y4), Daniel B (Y6), Miss Bryan (Y3 Class teacher)


We are a group of hard-working students who want to promote a school environment where all children have the same rights, share responsibilities and are equally respected.


We meet with Miss Bryan to discuss issues that we find within school and with the aim of promoting respect.



We are planning to hold a respect day to raise awareness of the importance of respecting everyone around us.



We are also trying to find solutions to the problems we encounter with the junior cloakrooms. We are looking forward to meeting with Mr Hudson to see if we can bounce our ideas off each other. We believe we should all have the right to better storage of our personal belongings and that it should be everyone's responsibilty to respect all belongings in the cloakrooms. Watch this space.........