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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice 2019 - 2020


Pupil Voice Elections will take place on Wednesday 18th September. 




Votes have now been placed. Good luck to all the candidates.





Manifesto Writing - Vote for me!


Children across school prepared manifestos and then presented them to their class.

The Results are in.

Student Observers of Learning (SOLS) 


“Everyone helps with everything”


Group members: Rhea (Y6), Freya (Y5), Jaxson (Y4), Phoebe (Y3), Naomi (Y2), Harrison (Y1).

Mrs Uttley is the teacher who helps us.

Autumn Term

We had our first meeting to introduce ourselves and to decide on what our mission statement, or motto, was going to be for this year. We came up with the one above. For most of us in this group, it is the first time we have been elected to be a Pupil Voice Co-ordinator and we are super excited to have been chosen this year! At our meeting we also decided on our action plan for the year. We are going to be doing the following:

  • Helping to interview any new staff who want to come and work at our school
  • Check the displays around school and in the classrooms to make sure they are looking their best, show off our learning and inspire us to learn more.
  • Look through the children's books to see what we're all learning across school



The Community Group 


“We aim to make the Community a better place by helping charities, the elderly and local families.” 

The Community Group working hard on their Helping the Homeless project

Creating the Christmas donations for the homeless

The Community Group


The Community Group are currently working with residents from a local care home. They are busy planning and organising an enrichment afternoon for some of their residents. Watch this space for more information.


Keira, Zach and Phoebe

Rights, Respect & Responsibilities Group

“We aim to promote a school environment that respects each other FULLY. We will work hard to make sure that EVERYBODY in our school has the same rights.”



Billy L (Y2), Olivia W (Y3), Maisie S (Y4), Daniel B (Y6), Miss Bryan (Y3 Class teacher)


We are a group of hard-working students who want to promote a school environment where all children have the same rights, share responsibilities and are equally respected.


We meet with Miss Bryan to discuss issues that we find within school and with the aim of promoting respect.



We are planning to hold a respect day to raise awareness of the importance of respecting everyone around us.



We are also trying to find solutions to the problems we encounter with the junior cloakrooms. We are looking forward to meeting with Mr Hudson to see if we can bounce our ideas off each other. We believe we should all have the right to better storage of our personal belongings and that it should be everyone's responsibilty to respect all belongings in the cloakrooms. Watch this space.........


Picture 1

The Curriculum Group



Picture 1

The Wellbeing Group 


“We work together to keep pupils healthy and happy, inside and out.”



Sports & Extra Curricular Group 


“Sports for all - All for sport.”




Summer Term


Our team have continued to work hard this term.  We have worked with KS1 on our playground challenge encouraging active playtimes for all.  We have also delivered a whole school assembly to introduce Soccer Aid, which will be taking place in school on the 1st July.




Our Sports and Extra-curricular Pupil Voice have been working hard to keep the children active at play times.  A sports challenge has been introduced for KS2 children, pitching the children against each other in a timed activity.


Our first challenge was the speed bounce - how many bounces in 30 seconds.  The winner of this event was Millie in year 6.  She was presented with a certificate as part of our celebration worship.


Sporting Challenge 1


Our current challenge is skipping with a rope - how many skips in 30 seconds.  The result of this challenge will be revealed in our last of Friday worship of this term.


The team are also involved in writing sports reports, presenting them to the school in our celebration worship on a Friday morning and photographing sporting achievements to be displayed on our notice board in the hall.


Spring Term


The team have continued to provide sporting challenges at break times for our ks2 pupils, however we have recently spoken to some of the children who are not accessing this and they have told us that they would prefer it to be done a class at a time, rather than as a whole key stage.  We have taken this on board and from Monday 1st April will be doing just this.


Our team have also been busy writing and delivering sports reports and presenting certificates in our celebration Friday worship. They have also been helping to take sporting success photos for our display board.


We are currently working on some ideas and plans for Soccer Aid which Mrs Wilton has registered the school for.  This will be happening in June so keep an eye out for our information posters telling you more about this nearer the time.

PVC Extra-Curricular Report Spring Term


We have had a really busy term with many clubs and events taking place and lots of children representing St James’ – some for the very first time!


This week, Mrs Wilton and six year 4 children attended a multi-skills event at BRFC.  In addition to this, we have had lots of football this term, both clubs and competitions, multi-skills festivals for both key stages, bikeablity in year 5, swimming for our year 2 children, the swimming gala for the older children, art club, board games club, choir, guitar and our brand new debating team have been in fantastic form reaching the regional finals!


Mrs Wilton has just started High Fives trials for an upcoming tournament, Miss Bryan and the sports ambassadors collected the tickets for the Rovers game against stoke on Saturday and we had an amazing visit from Jamie Knight and his Freestyle Football sessions. After Easter, rounders club will be kicking off ready for the big tournament in the summer.  We also have cricket and hockey to look forward to next term, a ks1 and 2 dance festival and there has been some mention of an interesting new club to look out for with Mrs Bibby!


We are very lucky to have so many wonderful opportunities at St James’.  If you have any ideas that could make our extracurricular provision even better please let one of the pupil voice team know and they will feed it back to Mrs Wilton and the rest of the staff.



Pupil Worship Conference 2019

Ewood Park


Mr T, Lily and Liam attended the Pupil Worship Conference, meeting with other children from across the Diocese to think about Worship and its importance in school. They made new friends, shared ideas and planned some units of Worship. There was also time to learn some new songs to share with the rest of the children in school. 


More photos from the 2019 Pupil Worship Conference

More photos from the 2019 Pupil Worship Conference 1
More photos from the 2019 Pupil Worship Conference 2
More photos from the 2019 Pupil Worship Conference 3
More photos from the 2019 Pupil Worship Conference 4
More photos from the 2019 Pupil Worship Conference 5

Worship Group 


Summer 2019


Hello everyone and welcome to the Worship Pupil Voice Section of the website. Thank you for your patience whilst waiting for this section to be updated.


Our group is involved in planning and delivering engaging acts of worship in school. This year so far we have helped with the planning of Worship, delivered Creative Worship and have been involved in leading other worship across the year.


If you have any ideas or feedback about Worship in school please speak to one of us. 


We are Benjamin and Ava in year 3, James and Millie in year 4, Lily and Liam in year 5 and Precious and Lillie in year 6.

The Eco Group 

“We are a group of hardworking individuals who want to help out environment. We work with our school and community to teach others how to make our world cleaner and safer for everyone in it.”