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Week 1 (Monday 31st october - Friday 4th November)



This week in PE our theme was People Who Help Us. 
We also talked about how we can keep ourselves safe in PE.

Our skills for today were to focus on changing direction to stop us from bumping into each other and to look for space to run into to avoid bumping into someone else.

We played three games.
In the first game, we each had a cone and we were ambulance drivers. We used our cone as a steering wheel and steered our ambulance around the spaces in the hall. When Miss Bryan shouted out commands we had to safely change our movements:
go: walking

blue lights: running 

Speed bumps: jump up and down 

Reverse: walk backwards 

In the second game some children wore blue bibs and were 'doctors' and some children wore red bibs and were the 'illnesses'.

The rest of the children ran around the spaces and had to try and avoid getting caught by 'an illness', if they were caught they had to stand like a star shape and wait for a doctor to make them better. The children really got the hang of this and enjoyed the game. We talked about being honest if you were caught and making the star shape.

In our last game, Miss Bryan spread eight fire stations (hoops) around the hall. Three children stood inside each of the fire stations and had to remember which fire station was theirs. Anytime Miss Bryan shouted 'back to the fire station', they had to safely run back to their own fire station.

When Miss Bryan shouted a command, we had to do the following actions:
"Fire! Fire!", children stepped out of their fire station and moved safely around the teaching space.


"Climb the ladder", the children stopped and pretended to climb a ladder

"Smoke", The children had to lay on the floor and pretend to crawl under the smoke

"Fire Hose", the children pretended to spray water onto a burning building

We had great fun and the children really impressed us with how sensible they were.