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Spring 2 Week 2


This week, we learned more about pace. Building on last week's learning about sprinting, we thought about comparing our running pace to percentages. We discussed that sprinting would be running at 90-100% and we practised running at different percentages. At the end of the lesson, we tried to see if we could run for 6 minutes without stopping. This meant that we had to think carefully about our pace. At the end of the lesson, we reflected on our pace and whether we set off at the correct speed to be able to run for a longer distance.

English - comparing characters

We worked in our Kagan groups to complete 'role on the wall' for Sophie and Matteo. Then, we worked independently to compare and contrast the characters, considering their similarities and differences so far in the story. 

Science - evolution

We have been learning about Charles Darwin and his journey to the Galapagos Islands where he found finches with different beaks. We each had a different 'beak' to see which beak would be the most successful at getting the food. We talked about how this would affect the species over time and that the animals would have to adapt in order to survive.