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Queen Elizabeth II

Our St. James' family is saddened to hear of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. We send our love and prayers to the Royal Family and the rest of the nation as our country mourns and navigates the next chapter. 


At school, we are paying our respects and supporting each other in various ways, including worship, prayer and conversations. Please see below for more on this. 


Hearing about any death can be difficult for children to understand and may also cause big emotions to surface, which the children may not completely understand. It may also bring up painful memories or emotions linked to personal experience. This can be true for adults too. We have compiled some useful videos and advice, should you wish to use them, to help you explore this topic with your children. 


If you wish to seek further advice about this, or feel particularly affected by the death of the Queen, please contact Mrs Jacques for support.



[Badger's Parting Gifts] By Susan Varley. Spoken Ruby Dee

Badger's Parting Gifts
By Susan Varley


Explaining death to young children through storytelling with the wonderful waterbugs & dragonfly story