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Week 6


We have been learning all about different animals and categorising them over the last few weeks. This week we had some very special visitors to our classroom which are part of one of the categories.

We got to meet the chicks Year 2 have been looking after since they hatched last week.



This week in Maths with Mrs Blackburn we have been looking at repeating patterns. Using the 2D and 3D shapes, with our partners we created some repeating patterns.

Can you identify the repeating pattern we created in these next pictures?


This week we were introduced to our new book. First job we had to do was predict what we thought the book would be about from just the word 'telescope'.


Then Miss Whaley showed us the front cover and we had another opportunity to predict what the story might be about. We came up with some great ideas.




Eventually we got to see the book, 'How to Catch a Star'. We were given a copy of the book to share with our shoulder partner and read along with Miss Whaley using our special pointy fingers.


This week we have been researching where our food comes from. Using the IPads, we had to discover where some of our favourite fruits and vegetables come from.

"I discovered that bananas come from Ecuador" Kailan

" I found out apples grow on trees in England" Hollie