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Week 6

History Makers Day


What a wonderful day we had in Year 5! Lots of the children came into school dressed as their favourite History Maker. They had the opportunity to talk to the class about who they had come as - we learnt a lot about some of the more obscure historical figures. We had a range of History Makers, from Cleopatra and Nefertiti to Neil Armstrong and Chloe Kelly. A few children cited Albert Einstein and Marie Curie as their heroes. Perhaps we have some budding scientists in Year 5? My own History Makers are the student nurses who stepped in during the Pandemic to help support the NHS. The children also wrote about their History Maker. Our final activity was to spend time quietly reflecting on our History Maker. The comment that stands out for me comes courtesy of one of the children.


"I have come as myself. We are all History Makers as we all make a difference to the world."

Savitri, Albert Einstein (x2), Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Frieda Kahlo

WWII evacuee, Cupid, Chloe Kelly, Neil Armstrong, Marie Curie (x2)

David Attenborough, Lady Jane Grey, Albert Einstein, Nefertiti, Madonna, Anne Frank

Katherine Parr, Rosa Parks (x2), Grim Reaper